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pennyRae's Nourish French Clay Mask has restorative, nurturing properties with two predominate essential oils:
Parsley seed | Chamomile

As with our entire line, we only use 100% essential oils. Our French Clay Masks are also free of common allergens, pesticides, chemicals, and petroleum byproducts.

This full-sized product contains a minimum of 10 uses, based on average applications. Just mix the powder with water in a small dish or the palm of your hand and smooth over your face, then gently wash it away when dry.

"All of the products are very gentle, I'm very sensitive to skin care products and none of the PennyRae stuff irritates my skin!"

Pamela Aguilar

"I love the scents and the products are very moisturizing. All in all this is a great value, and quality product!"

Grace Cole

"It feels SO great on your skin!! Definitely nurturing to the skin... which is needed!! Especially right now"

Betty Rivera

less is more

100% essential oils throughout every product,
pure ingredients, minimalistic in nature
and subtle in complexity.

100% transparency

We believe in transparency in every step of our manufacturing and distribution processes.
View our master ingredients list.

giving back

Our socially conscious business practices ensure we give back to our customers and the environment, leveraging vegan formulations and chemical-free products throughout.


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