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pennyRae Bath Tea Salts

We're excited to share a fresh pennyRae signature product that's perfect for relaxation and inspiration. Each Bath Tea Salt comes with seven muslin bags fit for individual use.

Choose from three new scents:

  • Dalmatia Calm
  • Eureka Breathe
  • ​Summit Relax

This product is an excellent, all-natural alternative to traditionally harsh bath salts. These oftentimes include food dyes, fragrance oils and preservatives. Now you can unwind in confidence while relaxing to 100% essential oils, natural salts and organic herbs.

Bath Tea Salts were inspired by travel. As special memories are created it's important to make space to reflect and appreciate those moments. Each Bath Tea Salt scent has a family story behind it, partially being named after the location of the trip:

Dalmatia Calm, during a trip to the purifying and temperate climate of Croatia (the city the Mediterranean tea that inspired this scent is pictured here)

Eureka Breathe, based on a family adventure to Northern California, exploring Redwood forests and learning about coastal ecosystems.

Summit Relax - based on the Ozark forest and peaceful streams that run throughout Penny's property along the bluffs in Mid-Missouri.