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Our recipes were born from a need to provide...

Every product we offer has been formulated from hand-crafted methods initially designed for use in our own home. It's oftentimes as difficult to find all natural, transparently manufactured products today as it was when we first started in the mid-90's, which makes us excited to bring this vision and mission to you

We believe less is more.

All of the products we offer are made with organic ingredients where possible, fortified with essential oils (not fragrance), manufactured in a green conscious facility and packaged in BPA-free, recyclable packaging. Our shipping practices leverage dissolvable styrofoam if reused packaging materials are unavailable.

Our socially conscious business practices ensure we give back to our customers and environment, leveraging vegan formulations and chemical-free products throughout our supply chain.

And there are ingredients our formulations are better without

We believe all skincare and products suitable for the home should exclude a number of ingredients and processes. All pennyRae products are free of:

  • - Animal ingredients and testing
  • - Pesticides, fungicides, parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, butylene glycol, dyes, herbicides and toxic solvents
  • - GMO products​
  • - Soy, gluten and other common allergens
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" Art is the elimination of the unnecessary. –Pablo Picasso "