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pennyRae History

The Fallon family hails from the small town of Little Falls, NY,

which is nestled between the lush pines of the Adirondack Mountains, the frigid chill of Lake Ontario, and the mineral springs of Saratoga. The beauty of the Northeast could not exist without its extreme conditions, yet Penny did not want to see her family resort to using harsh chemicals to cope with the environment. Therefore, as her family grew, she developed all-natural skincare and cleaning products she could be confident would be safe and effective in the home.

These formulations matured as demand spread organically from Penny's home to friends and extended family, forming a following throughout the eastern seaboard.

After ten years of experience with these formulations, the Fallons relocated to the Midwest, settling among the bluffs and rivers of Mid-Missouri. It was there that they acquired a local health food store and transformed it into a hub for knowledge, education, and self-motivated health in the community. Having established a loyal following of face masks, moisturizers, body care, and household products for another ten years of business, Penny felt that it was time to let their creations realize a life of their own. ​Thus, pennyRae was born.

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