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Herbal Spice Coffee Scrub
Herbal Spice Coffee Scrub


Herbal Spice Coffee Scrub

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pennyRae's exfoliating Coffee Scrub contains a luxurious blend of natural oils for a rich, vibrant skincare product that your body will love.

So many exfoliating products contain harmful chemicals that dry your skin out. Our ingredients are safe and effective. We use only essential oils; no fragrance oils here. That way you can smell good and experience aromatherapy benefits as well. Wealthy with botanical herbs that soothe and nourish the skin, our Coffee Scrub is safe for all over use. This proprietary blend includes:

These Herbal Spice essential oils are energizing, warming, grounding, and purifying, and are enhanced with the unlikely combination of cinnamon and eucalyptus, providing a wonderful sense of well-being. Suitable for daily use, the healing benefits of these essential oils can help ease achy muscles and minor congestion.

Like all of our products at pennyRae, our Coffee Scrubs are allergen-free and handcrafted in small batches.

Note: Herbal Spice is the same scent as Root.

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