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Coffee Scrubs: Battle Cellulite, Clogged Pores and More

Jared Fallon
Coffee Scrubs: Battle Cellulite, Clogged Pores and More

If you love your morning Cup o’ Joe, then you’re certainly not alone. But if you’ve never tried a coffee scrub on your skin, you’re in for a massive treat! It might not change your life, but it will certainly change your skin for the better. Skin scrubs made with coffee and other natural ingredients contain a host of benefits that can bring your body into balance, helping you look and feel younger almost immediately.

Top 9 Benefits Of Coffee Scrubs

Consider these incredible, natural benefits that coffee has to offer:

1) Battles Cellulite

One of the favorite benefits of coffee scrubs used on the body is the potential reduction of the appearance of cellulite pockets underneath the skin. The caffeine helps to dilate the blood vessels just under the top layers of the skin, improving blood flow, smoothing the overall appearance of the skin and minimizing the pock-marked look of cellulite deposits.

2) Reduces Inflammation and Puffiness

Puffiness is a typical response when skin is tired and retaining fluids. The caffeine and chlorogenic acid (CGA) naturally contained in coffee help to open up the blood vessels underneath the skin. And because the blood vessels are especially close to the skin in the area under the eyes, a coffee scrub can help to reduce the puffiness and inflammation in this trouble spot.

3) Exfoliates

As your body continues to produce new skin cells in its natural rejuvenating process below the surface, the skin cells on the top layer are meant to slough off. But sometimes those old, dead cells need some help to get removed so that your new, healthier skin cells can shine through. Whether used on your face or body, coffee scrubs work as a natural exfoliant to smooth away those rough patches and release your glow from the inside out.

4) Promotes Healthy Circulation

With antioxidant qualities, coffee scrubs provide an added boost to the circulation underneath the skin’s layers, promoting cleansing and allowing for additional nutritional benefits to be absorbed. As the caffeine in coffee opens up blood vessels, it allows the blood to flow through the body more freely.

5) Protects from Skin Cancer

The Vitamin B-3 (also called niacin) contained in roasted coffee may be helpful in reducing risk factors for certain types of skin cancers and other growths (according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

6) Makes Skin Appear Younger

As discussed, coffee can instigate improvement in blood flow. Not only that, but as the circulation in the body is improved, the skin will naturally respond by tightening, reducing the appearance of sags, wrinkles, redness and fluid under the eyes.

7) Creates a Healthy Glow

Again, because of the increased blood flow and removal of dead skin cells, coffee scrubs allow for younger looking, glowing skin to shine through. Plus, the antioxidants help protect skin from sun damage, keeping it fresh-looking and healthy far into the future.

8) Unclogs Pores

The effect of rubbing coffee into the skin helps to remove dead cells that can hang out on the skin, clog pores and harbor bacteria. This keeps the skin looking fresher and more radiant, while reducing the potential for acne that results from clogged pores.

9) Treats Acne

For those who have mild acne and are looking for a natural treatment for acne that won’t harm or damage their skin, a coffee scrub can help to heal wounds and kill germs on the face and body. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of caffeine and chlorogenic acid (CGA) are effective reducing the appearance of existing acne as well as preventing the growth of germs that might produce more breakouts.

How To Use Coffee Scrubs

While you can certainly use a coffee scrub from head to toe, you may want to consider different applications, depending on the sensitivity of your skin or other routines you use for facial care. Here are some tips to make the most out of your experience with coffee scrubs:

Dry with a darker towel. You may want to avoid using a white towel to wipe your face afterwards because the natural coffee extracts can remain on your face even after you’ve rinsed, which could stain your lovely white towels.

Scrub at bedtime. Most people’s skin will look a bit red and ruddy after a good coffee scrub, so it’s recommended not to apply just before going out on the town! Plus, if you scrub at night, your skin will have all night to breathe and enjoy its freedom before applying makeup in the morning again.

Coffee scrubs on the face may be safe to use every day, while most people prefer to use a body scrub one or two times a week.

Using Coffee Scrubs For The Face:

First things first, pull your hair back in a ponytail or bun before using your coffee scrub or you’ll end up with a gritty mess in your hair!

You’ll probably want to have access to a mirror when scrubbing your face because it can be very difficult to tell if you’ve been able to rinse it all off.

You can apply the coffee scrub to wet or dry skin, although you’ll need to have some moisture on your hands in order for the scrub to not just bounce off.

Rub gently with fingers in a circular motion around the face, concentrating on hard-to reach areas like the creases next to the nose. Obviously, be careful around the eyes.

Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a clean towel.

Apply moisturizer as needed to replenish the skin’s natural oils.

Using Coffee Scrubs for the Body:

In order to avoid making a giant mess, you’ll want to be in the shower or tub when using coffee scrub for the body.

Apply generously to damp skin and rub with your hands. Of course, you can use a washcloth, but the extra rubbing with your hands will just create additional benefits for soft, supple hands.

Pay special attention to dry, stubborn skin areas such as the feet, and knees.

If you struggle with cellulite on your thighs or belly, focus on these areas as well.

Allow the coffee scrub to remain on your skin for a couple of minutes so that the caffeine, antioxidants and other natural substances can soak in.

Rinse thoroughly, pat dry and apply body lotion as needed to maintain moisture.

Coffee scrubs are a fabulous way to enjoy the yummy scent of coffee while enhancing your beauty in a natural, healthy way. From now on, you can do so much more than just sip your coffee. And if you don’t like the taste of coffee? A coffee scrub is a great way to get the benefits (and amazing smell!) without drinking it.