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French Clay, Lavender And Tea Tree Benefits – A Powerful Facial Care Trio

Jared Fallon
French Clay, Lavender And Tea Tree Benefits – A Powerful Facial Care Trio

Recently, within the cosmetics industry, you may have become aware of a growing buzz around the use of French Clay. As with any newly popular product, you might be wondering what the hype is all about and whether you should be using it.

Here, we’ll answer some of your basic questions and share a few of the ways that French Clay is beneficial to the skin.

What Is French Clay?

Although it has recently become more popular, French Clay has a long history of medical and cosmetic use in Europe and around the world. For thousands of years, clays have been used for their benefits related to medicine, beauty treatments and preservation.

Packed full of healing elements, French Clay can be used for facial masks, cleansers, body scrubs, wraps and much more. With medicinal as well as cosmetic properties, French Clay is typically mined from deposits of clay that occur naturally in various regions of France. The powerful substances in French Clay include various minerals such as Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Silica, all of which provide healthy benefits to the skin and body.

French Clay Benefits

When used cosmetically, French Clay has the ability to attach itself to the various pollutants, oil and bacteria that reside on or just below the surface of the skin. As the clay attracts and absorbs the offensive impurities, they are then washed away which leaves the skin utterly clean and fresh.

Not only do French Clays have the capability to absorb icky organic substances from the skin, they also are able to imbibe the skin with other healthy minerals and natural substances that it needs. Its cleansing, toning, rejuvenating and refining properties mean that French Clay leaves your skin looking its natural, radiant best.

Some of skin benefits of 100% natural French Clay include:

  • Natural Detoxification through Antioxidants
  • Absorption of Oil
  • Cleansing and Rejuvenating
  • Encouraging Natural Production of Collagen
  • Tightening of Skin (Astringent)
  • Anti-inflammatory


Due to their nourishing and replenishing properties, French Clays are highly effective in revitalizing the skin, taking it from dull and dry to clear and refined. Pores are cleaned out and, as the clay mask dries, pores are left looking tighter and clearer—offering the skin a boost of youthful appearance. In addition, French Clay offers the ability to heal skin that is struggling whether from rash, allergies, sunburn, eczema, acne or other skin disorders or issues.

Clear French Clay Mask: Key Ingredients

Fresh and natural, our Clear French Clay Mask includes only the highest quality, natural ingredients including White French Clay, Lavender Essential Oil and a hint of Tea Tree Essential Oil.

French White Clay

Effective for almost any skin type, White Clay (which is also called Kaolinite) is mild and soothing as it draws out dirt and buildup from beneath the surface of the skin. Gently absorbing excess oils, this clay keeps the pores from becoming clogged which reduces blemishes such as acne and blackheads. The mild exfoliant in White Clay means that dead skin cells will be sloughed off and the surface of the skin will appear fresh and revitalized.

White clay is the gentlest of all of the clays used for cosmetics, which means that it will not damage your skin or strip it of its natural moisture. Other types of French Clays include Red, Green and Yellow.

In addition to French Clay, our clearing mask contains two potent essential oils that provide excellent healing properties as well as lending to its exquisite scent: Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils.

Lavender Essential Oil Benefits

Known for its soothing, calming properties, Lavender essential oil offers a myriad of benefits when used in skin care for the face, as well as the body. Plus, the scent of this oil is divine with its fresh, floral and relaxing qualities. Health promoting properties and functions that make Lavender perfect for use in this clay mask include:

  • Anti-inflammatory (can reduce swelling and puffiness)
  • Soothes dry skin
  • Antioxidant (kills free radicals that can cause wrinkles and fine lines)
  • Wound-healing (for acne, sores or skin burns)
  • Brightening (can reduce skin discoloration and promote even tones)
  • Regenerative (helping the skin renew itself)

Tea Tree Essential Oil Benefits

When it comes to facial skin care, Tea Tree Oil has been a well-proven choice over the years. While the scent is a bit medicinal and astringent, its ability to fight for the skin’s health is much appreciated. Consider these naturally occurring properties and potential benefits that make Tea Tree Essential Oil an ideal part of the Clear French Clay Mask:

  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial (prevents breakouts and infections)
  • Antiseptic (heals minor wounds such as acne)
  • Anti-inflammatory (keeping swelling and irritation at bay)
  • Oil reducing (to keep skin clear from breakouts)
  • Helps heal eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin


It’s easy to use a French Clay mask on your facial skin once or twice a week (depending on your skin type) to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant. Once you have fully experienced the beauty benefits provided by French Clay, you’ll wonder what took you so long to discover it!

For external use only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.