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Essential Oils: So Much More Than Simply Fragrance

Jared Fallon
Essential Oils: So Much More Than Simply Fragrance

Here at pennyRae, our all-natural formulations use only the purest of essential oils to bring life and uniqueness to our products. And while they do offer awe-inspiring, luscious aromas that delight our noses, essential oils are so much more than just fragrance.

Essential oils bring powerful therapeutic properties to every product they are used in. You might be familiar with some of the more common one, such as lavender’s ability to soothe and calm. But did you know that the list of properties provided by different essential oils can practically be a mile long?

Some essential oils, such as tea tree, provide anti-bacterial and anti-viral help that promotes protection from all kinds of creepy-crawly germs such as athlete’s foot or acne. While others, such as peppermint, help with digestion and promote energy.

In fact, just taking a deep whiff of an essential oil allows its powerful effects to go almost immediately to the brain and can often have a near instantaneous impact!

What’s The Difference Between Essential Oils And Fragrance Oils?

Essential oils are called by their name because they are produced by extracting the “essence” from the parts of a plant. This may include flowers, stems, roots, leaves, or other plant parts. But true essential oils are always natural and are extracted using natural processes. They are 100% pure.

Any oil extracted from plant by using chemicals should have a different name (such as absolute oil or fragrance oil). These aren’t bad, but they aren’t completely pure.

As mentioned above, essential oils provide fragrance—but they also do so much more than that! Fragrance oils, on the other hand, don’t do anything but add scent. And some fragrance oils could even be harmful to you, depending on how they are made.

Are Essential Oils Better Than Fragrance Oils?

We think so! Simply because of our commitment to purity, we believe that essential oils are much better than fragrance oils. When you use pennyRae products on your face or body, you can rest assured that the ingredients are sourced naturally.

Fragrance oils (whether “natural” or synthetic) may contain chemical ingredients that are not only hard to pronounce, but they may not be good for you. For instance, some fragrance oils contain phthalates, which have been linked to asthma, ADHD, obesity, and even cancer.

Of course, not all fragrance oils are necessarily the enemy, but why take the risk? And they certainly aren’t going to be as beneficial for you as powerful, effective essential oils are.

Essential Oils Properties And Benefits

The powerful properties of essential oils are as varied as the plants they are sourced from. At pennyRae, some the essential oils we use are chosen based on their delicious scents as well as the benefits they provide to your body and health.

Take a look at some of our favorite essential oil and how they work within our natural products:


Lavender offers a myriad of beneficial properties and is mild enough to be used for almost anyone, children and adults alike. Benefits include: promoting skin wound healing, reducing wrinkles, treating or preventing infections, soothing dry skin/eczema, and reducing swelling while providing a sense of calm and comfort. Featured in our Bath Tea Salts, this calming, soothing essential oil is so popular for good reason!


Highly gentle with similarities to lavender, chamomile essential oil provides rich benefits to the skin. These include reducing redness, minimizing scarring, healing blemishes, moisturizing, easing rashes, and even preventing infections. Paired with parsley seed in our Nourish French Clay Mask, this essential oil vigorously and gently restores and nurtures the skin.


Exceptional for clearing out sinuses and promoting healthy breathing, eucalyptus has been used in traditional medicine for more than 100 years. As an antimicrobial, antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral, this powerful plant is able to defend against UV rays that can cause damage to the skin, as well as providing protection from various germs. That’s why eucalyptus essential oil is a vital part of our Root Foaming Hand Soap.

Lemon Balm

Also called Melissa, this plant is part of the mint family and has a scent that is reminiscent of a blend of lemon and mint. Its uses include relieving stress, reducing anxiety, boosting cognitive function, easing sleep problems, as well as treating some infections. Its properties as a stress reliever means that Lemon Balm essential oil is a critical part of our proprietary formula for Dalmatia Calm Bath Tea Salts.


Effective for healing, this bacteria-killing powerhouse is perfect for use in soaps, scrubs and sprays. Its herby, spicy scent brings to mind nature at its finest. Featured in many of our offerings, clove essential oil is one of our particular favorites when used across Root products, providing a warming scent.


For so much more than use in the kitchen, rosemary is an herb that provides effective benefits when applied as an essential oil. Its ability to promote circulation makes it an excellent promoter of skin healing, while the purifying and detoxifying aspects make it ideal for skincare and balance. A significant part of our proprietary Root blend, Rosemary essential oil is featured in many of our products, including Root Body Butter.


With natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, eyebright essential oil helps to protect the skin from early aging while reducing wrinkles and fine lines and preventing free-radical damage that can often be caused by sun exposure. This essential oil is, as expected, the main ingredient in our Eyebright Eye Cream.

At pennyRae

you won’t find a drop of synthetic fragrance oil in our products, but you will find the amazing essential oils you see above—complete with their alluring scents and dynamic, effective properties. You might not be able to take a walk through a lavender field or sit in a eucalyptus grove each day but, when you have access to essential oils, it’s almost like you are there.

Your favorite parts of nature all bottled up and ready for you to crack open whenever you like, patiently waiting within the magic of your natural pennyRae products.