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Linen Sprays—Great for Travel, Yoga and Home

Jared Fallon
Linen Sprays—Great for Travel, Yoga and Home

When made from natural ingredients including powerful essential oils, linen sprays can be so much more than simply a way to make your sheets smell great!

All About Linen Sprays

Natural linen sprays often include essential oils that provide deodorizing and fragrant benefits such as citrus fruits, spices (such as cinnamon or clove), lavender and other flowery scents. Any linen spray you choose should, of course, be made from natural substances that are non-toxic and safe for your family. It should be free from harmful chemicals as well as commonly known allergens.

Most linen sprays are made from a base of deionized water that acts as a carrier to get the essential oils and other ingredients spread over the fabric. The scent of a linen spray shouldn’t be terribly strong or potent, but should be a light, gentle fragrance that will last for several hours.

The best linen sprays will be supplied to you in a bottle that allows for a fine mist to be gently sprayed over fabrics, without large drips or drops spilling out. Linen sprays with pure essential oils will last longer if they are provided in bottles made from dark glass in order to preserve the integrity and power of the essential oils. 

Linen Sprays: Best Uses

Used for far more than just linens, these sprays offer benefits when used at home as well as during travel or at the gym, before and after yoga class or other workout sessions.


Used for misting in pillow cases and sheets prior to turning in, soothing and calming linen sprays can help you and your family to sleep much better throughout the night. Ingredients such as lavender essential oil provide natural relaxation that allows the brain to calm and the body to rest.

When used in common areas of the home, such as the living room or family room, certain linen sprays can bring a sense of warmth and community. Spray a few mists on throw pillows, blankets and other soft furnishings to provide a sense of grounding and warmth. Essential oils such as cinnamon, clove, and citrus fruits included in linen sprays can help to promote a sense of togetherness and comfort.

Citrus essential oils, such as lemon and orange, are known to be especially useful in the kitchen and dining areas. Give a few mists to your tablecloth before placing it on the table to provide a clean aroma that stimulates and refreshes as the family sits down to a nourishing meal.

Instead of just using a room spray that evaporates quickly in the air, freshen up bedrooms in the springtime by opening the window, airing out the room, and misting linen spray onto the curtains. Your interiors will shed that stale scent accumulated over winter and the essential oils in your linen spray give an added deodorizing power.

Sometimes the linens you’ve washed several weeks ago are clean but just need a bit of refreshing. Mist your favorite linen spray a few times over the sheets and towels in your linen closet to keep them smelling great and feeling fresh. If you have overnight guests coming, they’ll feel pampered and special when their linens have been softly scented.

Linen spray can also be used to spray onto fabrics prior to ironing to promote a spectacular scent while removing wrinkles. Do be careful with certain fabrics that may be delicate and prone to staining.


When driving, mist a bit of linen spray into the vents in your car to help remove stale smells and also battle against allergies and travel fatigue.

For hotel stays, atomize a small amount of your favorite linen spray into the air conditioner or heating vent to minimize musty aromas and freshen up the air in the room. Linen sprays that include lemon essential oil are naturally deodorizing and powerfully clean the air.

Using linen sprays on pillows and sheets in a hotel room can be particularly comforting for those who may have trouble sleeping away from home. Because scent has the power to conjure up memories in the brain, using a favorite linen spray in a strange place can provide a sense of peace and familiarity.


Your body-healthy yoga workout deserves to be enhanced through the use of linen sprays. A linen spray can provide you with an added boost of calming energy when you spray your mat before your workout.

After your workout, a linen spray with deodorizing qualities may help to remove impurities that might have made their way into your yoga mat, fabric swing, or yoga clothes.

Linen sprays made with natural essential oils provide you with a simple way to clear away the bad and bring in the good. Whether you are at home or away from home, keep a bottle or two of linen spray on hand (in your car or your gym locker) for regular use. You’ll be surprised at the way such a small little bottle of goodness can make such a big difference in the way you feel about your life!