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Inaugural Blog - pennyRae Blog

Jared Fallon
Inaugural Blog - pennyRae Blog
Welcome to the pennyRae blog! We’ve wanted to create a natural products and skincare blog for sometime now and are excited today marks the start of it all.
We’ve been handcrafting natural products for almost 20 years and love it every step of the way; nature has an incredible ability to heal, nurture and sustain. We’re firm believers if you allow its natural mechanisms to shine through you won’t be disappointed. Sadly, somewhere along the way many of the world’s largest skincare and home products brands forgot this.
Some placed profit or standardization above nature, others found chemical or synthetically derived ingredients more convenient to use. Either way, gradualism set in and new standards were formed.

We’ve never found this approach to be beneficial long-term in our business, and in our personal lives integrity is among the most valuable qualities. Our commitment to this has never changed – it’s in our DNA and inherent in the framework for every product we make.
pennyRae products continue to have the high standards we set out to achieve when we only formulated for friends and family many years ago. This will never be lost, and we appreciate all of the faith and votes of confidence from so many partners, customers and friends over the years.
Here’s to a great beginning – thanks for reading!